BrokenToad Conditioning Brush Soap


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Over time paint brush hair can become dry and damaged, ruining the integrity of the brush and spoiling your painting enjoyment. BrokenToad Conditioning Brush Soap, made using natural plant and vegetable oils, has been specifically designed to help aid in this problem, not only clean but also revitalise tired brushes by adding back the essential oils that brush hair loses during its lifetime.

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Instrustions for use

Wet your brush and soap with room temperature water and swirl the brush tip around in the pot the same way as if you were mixing paint on a palette, you will see left over paint staining the suds, rinse the brush and wipe the dirty soap from the pot with kitchen roll, repeat this process until you see no paint left behind in the soap, then roll the tip in the soap and leave from 30 minutes - 1 hour to condition the brush hairs, rinse the soap out and reshape the brush tip before replacing the cap and putting away for the night.