Artist Support Pledge

Artist Support Pledge

For those artists who are struggling with motivation during the current lockdown, this may just what you need to get those brushes and paints out and get those creative juices flowing:


This is a fantastic community driven movement, that is providing inspiration and economic support for many artists and makers around the world.  And the success is driven by its simplicity; Artists and makers post images of their work onto instagram, using the #artistsupportpledge, anyone interested in purhcasing just sends a DM ('direct message' for those not used to the tech jargon that social media has, by now, taken over our phone use).  Items are all to be listed for under £200, and here's the clever bit, once an artist or maker reaches £1000 in sales they themselves pledge to buy £200 of work from another creator and the cycle continues!

There is a wide variety of styles and creations already available, so why not pop over to instagram and have a browse of this fantastic virtual gallery of masterpieces.

Posted on 06/24/2020 by 275